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    Warmly celebrate Jiltai won the "national high-tech enterprises" finds

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    Warmly celebrate Jiltai won the "national high-tech enterprises" finds

    Date of release:2018-01-10 Author: Click:

    Warmly celebrate Jiltai won the "national high-tech enterprises" finds

      Recently, our company won the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" jointly issued by Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, Zhejiang Provincial State Revenue, and Local Taxation Bureau of Zhejiang Province, valid for three years.

      The assessment of "national high-tech enterprises" shall be determined through such strict procedures as enterprise application, local preliminary examination, expert review, national review and public announcement. In the process of assessment, the Company strictly scrutinizes and evaluates the core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, the level of research and development, the organization and management, and the growth indicators, and finally becomes the national high-tech enterprise.

      High-tech enterprises are an important foundation for developing high-tech industries, a new force for adjusting industrial structure and enhancing national competitiveness, and occupy a very important strategic position in the economic development of our country. Obtaining this recognition marks that our company has been affirmed and approved by the relevant state departments in respect of independent innovation in the production of complete sets of equipment such as aluminum-plastic panel production lines. Since the establishment of the company, through independent research and innovation, and constantly improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises, designed a variety of specifications of aluminum-plastic plate production line, coating production lines, the company aluminum-plastic plate production line, coating production lines and other equipment production and sales The amount of the industry in a leading position, the products are also exported to India, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Romania, Britain and more than 20 countries.

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