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    China APCP production line has been recognized by the market

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    China APCP production line has been recognized by the market

    Date of release:2018-01-10 Author: Click:

    China APCP production line has been recognized by the market

      In recent years, the production and application of aluminum-plastic composite board has been rapidly developed, with the continuous development and improvement of production technology, equipment, management, application level, aluminum-plastic composite board is becoming an emerging important industry By building decoration and great importance from all walks of life. Especially as a new type of curtain wall material, it receives more and more attention from all walks of life. Now, China has become the world's largest aluminum-plastic composite board production line and application center, and set up aluminum-plastic composite materials Association and aluminum-plastic composite material quality inspection center.

      According to statistics, from the end of 2002 to the beginning of 2003, there are about 130-150 aluminum-plastic panel production enterprises and 200-250 composite production lines in the country with a total production capacity of 200 million square meters and an actual production of nearly 80 million to 1 Million square meters. In recent years, the production of APCP industry is growing at an annual rate of 30% to 40%. The APCP business has seen a substantial increase in quantity and scale. It can be considered that aluminum-plastic composite board products have been gradually recognized by the market to complete the stage of market cultivation, is entering a mature stage.

      According to the information, China's construction industry currently completed an annual area of about 1.4 billion square meters, of which the construction curtain wall industry (exterior walls) each year 20 million to 30 million square meters, coupled with renovation of old buildings, a total of about 40 million Square meter. Interior wall decoration potential is even greater, due to the decorative use of short cycle, it is difficult to predict the specific figures. However, China's construction industry output value of 720 billion yuan, an annual increase rate of 20%. This data shows the potential of the market. In recent one or two years, the export of domestic aluminum-plastic composite board and its production line has been increasing from scratch and showing a significant increase. The main markets are Southeast Asia, West Asia and Russia. Due to the advantages of low cost and less international competition, APCP is expected to have considerable potential in the international market.

      Today, no matter in metropolis or small town will see a seat of different forms, colorful aluminum-plastic panel project attracted. Aluminum-plastic composite panels not only have the effect of metal curtain wall, and it is superior to the metal curtain wall, with light texture, easy on-site bending process, you can make a variety of shapes, of course, are inseparable from the aluminum-plastic composite plate production line.

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