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    Formaldehyde glue leader Bina industrial president - Zhang Yunlong

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    Formaldehyde glue leader Bina industrial president - Zhang Yunlong

    Date of release:2018-01-10 Author: Click:

    Formaldehyde glue leader Bina industrial president - Zhang Yunlong

        In the recent ten years, people's understanding of the hazards of formaldehyde has become more and more comprehensive. Products such as wood-based, glue, paint, wallpaper and other products without formaldehyde have also become more and more popular. Hangzhou Bina Industry Co., Ltd. as a guide for the industry, never stopped the pursuit of building clean home, following the "Bina", "wooden" without formaldehyde glue, the 2010 "Nature" zero formaldehyde plant glue once again solid Take the lead in the pace.

    Today, we are fortunate to have an interview with Zhang Yunlong, CEO of Bina Industry, a leader in formaldehyde-free glue in China.

        Reporter: Zhang, hello! Many readers may not understand the importance of glue in the decoration which can you give us a brief introduction?

        Zhang: Okay. Glue that is adhesive, which is harmful substances in interior decoration accounted for the largest share of the release, but also the most harmful formaldehyde source, equivalent to more than 65% of the total formaldehyde content exceeded the total release, the main products are: 1, Putty-specific glue 2, woodworking furniture with white latex 3, wallpaper paste wallpaper special glue.

        Reporter: We all know that as early as 2003, you started to enter the field of formaldehyde-free home building materials, since 2006, you have your local government in Hangzhou covered you when you are very risk-taking into the full funding and time, Which light is paid to a unit of Shanghai R & D costs is 600,000 yuan, in order to develop this formaldehyde-free, safe glue, can talk about your mood at the time what kind of?

        Zhang total: In fact, I really began to decide to invest in research and development of formaldehyde-free glue in 2002, 2006 since the time is actually a little more coverage of it, as the mood at that time, Ha ha boring, but also a long story, that is I was sorry I my wife, for this glue without formaldehyde, ten years, I have not given my wife a wedding, because I have sold all my house , Including the country's ...

        Reporter: According to the circumstances at the time, you are a pioneer. It's not a small number to go on for millions of dollars, so why did you make such a determination?

        Zhang: Where did you start to know that technology is so difficult, which is called up to the horse can not go down, all people who know me around me say that Zhang Yunlong was originally a neuropathy, my mother said so. I have no natural character, I never satisfied with the status quo, I always feel that I can become a major event, I will be able to solve the problem of formaldehyde in the decoration of headache, can not do much work under big resolve is not enough.

        Reporter: So now do you think you are successful?

        Zhang total: fast, now our all-natural pure plant natural plant formaldehyde-free glue has flowered all over the country, not take long time than our company will launch interior decoration containing all the decorative materials harmful to the revolution Sexual products, "all-natural formaldehyde-free decoration of the overall material integration," project, we will allow more renovation households to enjoy by the Bina technology to bring their healthy life

        Reporter: Well, let us wait and see, looking forward to the early listing of Bina products. Here also wish the general health, I wish Bina industry booming, for more people to bring safer, healthier home environment.

        Through the interview, let us deeply understand the pure and simple heart of a national entrepreneur. Reporters in the Bina industry's official website product nature song of nature to see such a song: Baiyou sky blue sky, towering mountains water gurgling, bird singing, flowers open laugh, a fresh and beautiful nature. What Zhang hopes may be like a beautiful homeland in his memory. We also wish Binah Industries and the "natural" formaldehyde-free product a path of "fresh and natural" in the future. It will create a better home for the Chinese people

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