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    How to identify authentic diatom mud?

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    How to identify authentic diatom mud?

    Date of release:2018-01-10 Author: Click:

    How to identify authentic diatom mud?

        Stephen Camry diatom mud with a strong physical adsorption and ion exchange, single volume of diatom mud pore volume is 5000-6000 times the volume of activated carbon, which can absorb the moisture in the air and timely release, with automatic Adjust the role of indoor humidity. So, really so many advantages of diatom mud, consumers in the actual purchase and how to distinguish between true and false diatom mud?

        First, look at water absorption. Due to the porosity and the "molecular sieve" structure of true diatom mud, its porosity is evidenced by water spraying on diatom mud walls. Hold 2 liters of large watering can, remember not to choose a small volume of watering can, because only a large watering can spray more powerful water, and only such a stream repeatedly sprayed on the diatom mud wall, to be better Test the authenticity of the product. Real diatom mud wall water will be quickly absorbed, with the palm of the hand gently touch the spray wall, palm no water stains, mud off, fade, fall off and so on. The real diatom mud wall water can not only be reduced to mud, but also emit a touch of earth fragrance, as if exposure to the big forest. The fake "diatom mud" spray after a pungent nose irritating smell or tasteless.

        Second, try feeling. Really diatom mud because it does not add any chemical adhesive, so greatly maintained the diatom mud, "mud attributes", feels feels delicate, pine feel, texture patterns work fine, smooth and generous, artistic impact Powerful. Fake diatom mud because of the addition of chemicals such as adhesives, feel rough and hard, like cement and sandstone, the texture rigid and rigid pattern.

    Third, look at the color. The premise of the magical function of diatom mud is that it does not mix any chemicals. Really diatom pure natural plant pigments, using a unique technology for processing, color and soft, evenly distributed, and fake diatom mud often add chemical pigments, not only can not effectively achieve the function of diatom mud but will release the human body Harmful substances, so the color is often too bright, dazzling feeling, the vast majority of fake diatom mud are added in the construction of chemical paint, it is often caused by the uneven distribution of colors, there is the phenomenon of color, color and so on.

        China viscose network to remind you: buy diatom mud, go to regular stores, beware of fake and shoddy products.

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