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    Three trees successfully held 2012 product launches

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    Three trees successfully held 2012 product launches

    Date of release:2018-01-10 Author: Click:

    Three trees successfully held 2012 product launches

        As one of the leading brands of China Health Lacquer, three trees bring the domestic high-tech interior insulation space paint, the top four products of the project and the top three products of crack seams and accessories to the Shanghai market. On April 13, Innovative space science and technology "as the theme of the three trees healthy paint 2012 new summit successfully held in Shanghai Everbright International Hotel.

        The summit invited a total of 180 people including four major clients of decoration lacquer, adhesive, engineering and furniture lacquer, and representatives of real estate companies, decoration companies, designers and industry media to attend the summit. The contents of the conference centered around the four central issues of "2012 Corporate Planning and Shanghai Strategy, Four New Kingdee Projects for Engineering, Space Paint, Promotion of New Accessories and Signing of Customers".

        Mr. Sun Weige, Minister of the Company's Leading Branch Office, made an important speech at the meeting. Sunbu gave full affirmation of the achievements made by the Sankeshu Shanghai office in the past year and also brought forward Mr. Hong Jie, the chairman of the board, to do a good job in the Shanghai market Steady growth bigger and stronger expectations, in 2012 the three strategic products will promote the continued rapid development of three trees, but also will create a new pattern of the Chinese coatings market, he encouraged partners to seize the opportunity to share the glory with the three trees.

    As we all know, paint has always been a recognized industry of low interest, but no one can deny the fierce competition in this industry, who can see the coatings industry surging, princes compete. Throughout the paint industry, Nippon Paint has led the technology, Dulux opened the era of charcoal, Samkok opened the taste of the curtain, paint industry leaders for hundreds of leading brands, but there is no doubt that these Are past tense, and on the pattern of the future paint market, is now clues - space science and technology. The advent of space paint under the Sanke tree brand symbolizes that the development of Chinese coatings has entered a new era. The new development direction of China's coatings industry led by space science will enhance the quality of health home.

        There are several highlights of this summit, let us refreshing:

        Four Diamond Engineering

        According to the general tone of "Year of Engineering" proposed by the chairman of Sankin Shusha, Sankin Shu classifies the engineering paint products and extracts the "Four King Kong" products of water-based fluorocarbon paint, genuine stone paint, texture paint and diamond-coated paint , Water-based fluorocarbon system with long-lasting durability, super stain resistance, super acid and other characteristics; liquid granite paint highly artificial, economical and practical, convenient construction, durability superior; Shi Shi extraordinary appearance, The pattern is rich in color, high weatherability, comprehensive spray seamless, affordable, textured paint is rich in shape, strong texture, high weather resistance, waterproof breathable, strong and flexible film, acid rain, anti-cracking. Since its launch, the "Four Diamonds" has won the praises of many developers, design institutes, architects and other professionals across the country and has been widely used in such projects as transformation of old cities, villas, hotels, high-end office buildings and financial buildings. .

        Easy construction joints anti-cracking accessories products

    People in the past when the home improvement, only on the design, style, the main material is very concerned about, and ignored the auxiliary materials and covert projects, prone to appear after the renovation, such as wall cracks, paint off and other issues affecting the comfort life. Three trees have a very perfect product system, such as professional accessories seams master cracking good performance, surface adhesion, anti-yellowing performance is good, anti-cracking master has superior permeability can effectively prevent the basement expansion and contraction and Cracking phenomenon, as well as sealing gel, interface agent, with tape and other products with superior product performance and simple construction technology, home improvement effectively crack wall cracks and reduce the problem, and to save renovation costs for thousands Million family home escort.

        Thermal insulation space paint debut

    As one of China's leading brands of health, the experts of Sankeshu R & D center combined with the technological tackling of 6 years of experts' workstations of Chinese Academy of Sciences finally developed two epoch-making new types of space wall paint and space wood lacquer. This also proclaimed China's civil coatings From the net taste, taste, bamboo charcoal era, into the space science and technology era.

        Space wall paint, simulated astronaut wearing spacesuit working principle, the original use of nano-hollow bead technology, the presence of hollow beads make the film form a vacuum insulation layer, can effectively block the heat conduction, to achieve Winter warm wood cool automatic temperature control; space wood paint completely subvert the past, the development of wood coatings can not be avoided tdi, benzene and xylene, formaldehyde and other additives tradition, to ensure excellent construction performance at the same time, with "zero tdi, Benzene, zero formaldehyde "and other super environmental performance, environmental performance will be upgraded to a whole new level. Its super-yellowing resistance, high fullness, anti-scratch wear resistance advantages, also has a breakthrough upgrade.

        As the organizer of this conference, Sanche Shuqi is one of the leading brands of domestic healthy lacquer. It pioneered the concept of "healthy lacquer" in China and is "Shenzhou VI, Shenzhou No.7 carrying coating brand." From 2007 to 2011, Sok Trees was voted "500 Most Valuable Brands in China" for five consecutive years. In 2012, Sanshushe won the "Preferred Supplier Brand of Top 500 Developers." In 2012, all employees of Sanshik Sap Coatings Co., Ltd. have been prepared. We always adhere to innovation and adhere to the market demand-oriented, continuous Developed a healthy, natural, green and truly meet the needs of consumers products.

        As Premier Wen Jiabao inspected the Three Trees some time ago: "Your technology is very good. The application of coatings is very broad, especially in the field of energy saving and environmental protection. Your development direction, and the current economic and social development and people's lives Combined with very close, I believe that enterprises will develop better and better. "

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