<![CDATA[浙江吉尔泰机械有限公司]]> zh_CN 2020-02-25 09:11:45 2020-02-25 09:11:45 YBlog RSS Generator 5 <![CDATA[热覆膜洗生产线]]> <![CDATA[A2 Grade Fireproof Core Production Line(JET-FR-1300/1600)]]> <![CDATA[Auxiliary equipment]]> <![CDATA[Steel/Aluminum Coil Rewinding Machine(JET-R-1300/1600)]]> <![CDATA[ACP Separating Machine(JET-AS-200/400/600)]]> <![CDATA[Steel Aluminum Heat Insulation Board Production Line(JET-SA-1250)]]> <![CDATA[Hot Film Covering Line(JET-XF-1300/10-30)]]> <![CDATA[Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line(JET-HDG-1250)]]> <![CDATA[Steel Coil Coating Line(JET-X-1250/30-120)]]> <![CDATA[Aluminum Coil Coating Line(JET-DC-1300CL/1600CL)]]> <![CDATA[PVC Free Foaming Board , Skinning Foaming Board Production Line(JET-FP-1250/1550)]]> <![CDATA[Hollow Core Metal Composite Panel Production Line(JET-STD-1300/1600)]]> <![CDATA[A2 Fireproof Composite Panel Production Line(JET-FH-1300-A2/1600-A2 )]]> <![CDATA[Two-roll Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line(JET-FH-1300-2N/1600-2N/2000-2N )]]> <![CDATA[Double Extruder Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line(JET-FH-1300-N2/1600-N2/2000-N2)]]> <![CDATA[(3+1 extruders) Aluminum Composite Panel Prodution Line(JET-FH-1300-N3/1600-N3)]]> <![CDATA[Low Temperature Aluminum Composite Panel Production line(JET-FH-1300-LT/1600 LT)]]> <![CDATA[ACP Production Line(JET-FH-1300/1600)]]> <![CDATA[浅议建筑玻璃膜在建筑节能改造中的功效]]> <![CDATA[Downstream demand plummeted Methanol rose encountered numerous obstacles]]> <![CDATA[Three trees successfully held 2012 product launches]]> <![CDATA[Looking forward to the 2012 World Tobacco industry to accelerate the development of new adhesives technology]]> <![CDATA[How to identify authentic diatom mud?]]> <![CDATA[Market capacity analysis of structural adhesives]]> <![CDATA[Formaldehyde glue leader Bina industrial president - Zhang Yunlong]]> <![CDATA[Aluminum veneer and the difference between aluminum plate]]> <![CDATA[China APCP production line has been recognized by the market]]> <![CDATA[Warmly celebrate Jiltai won the "national high-tech enterprises" finds]]> <![CDATA[Warmly celebrate Jitai won the "Taizhou famous trademark" identified]]> <![CDATA[Warmly celebrate Jitai won the honorary title of "Shou contract re-credit.]]> <![CDATA[Division I to become China Metal Building Materials Branch unit]]> ǴɫƷһ,reƵƷ